Just completed our 21th year (est. 1998), Kinderhof Waldorf School is a private for profit Early Childhood Center offering a four (4) day mixed age nursery/preschool/Kindergarten–ages BIRTH to 6, Parent/child, and Prenatal/Parent/Infant Classes.  Kinderhof is licensed by the state of Massachusetts and is fully accredited by WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Education in North America) and IASWECE (International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education).Kinderhof is also a recognized LifeWays North America Early Childhood Program.

The essence of Kinderhof is simplicity.  Our clock is the rhythm of the day, our day is the rhythm of the season, and our season is the rhythm of the year.

The kindergarten order is in sync with natural order.  The children of Kinderhof experience freedom, reverence, and respect to meet the natural order.

Through rhythm and rhyme, song and verse, our imaginations are set free.  Through practical purposeful work our wills are engaged.

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