Parental Support

Parent Evenings and Workshops

Special evenings and workshops for parents are scheduled into the course of the year; some aspects of life at Kinderhof and child growth and/or development are presented along with sharing in ways in which home life and what happens at Kinderhof can be mutually supportive.

Festivals and insights into our work with the young child are discussed. These evenings offer real support in our most important profession—Parenting.

Parent participation is encouraged.

Festivals and Family Gatherings

Holidays Celebrations and Family Gatherings help us (children, families, and community) to mark our way through the cycle of the year. The children become aware of the festivals through the changing of the seasons, the special stories, and circles. For the young child, festivals offer lovely moments and rich pictures to stand in memory for the future. When experience and maturity allow awakening to the symbolic meaning behind these celebrations, the child makes great and wonderful discoveries.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conferences between parents and teachers are scheduled for all children on a regular basis. This is an opportunity to consider your concerns and to share YOUR child’s individual progress.

We believe that clear, open, honest communication is imperative to the health of each child and the class as a whole.

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